About Us

We at Valour have been inspired in our undertaking by an earnest desire to render real services to people who have been harassed by doubts and misgivings about their safety and well being in different situations, in an atmosphere charged with violence and uncertainty. Highly personalized service and a deep concern for our client have the cardinal principles of our set-up. We believe in providing value-added customer services.

Valour is a client focused organization and we thoroughly screen and train our officers and ensure that our managers and supervisors provide responsive and through account service. Our staff provides immaculate efficiency and dedication towards their work. We have ensured that highest quality and performance of our personnel through handsome and liberal emolument, which indisputably are the very best, as compared to others.

What gives Valour a winning edge over the others is that our success is our guard force. Every security guard is selected after a detailed screening and is provided with through training before they are deployed. We look forward to the future with robust confidence and hope, secure in the belief that, ultimately, it is quality which matters.

Our Security Mission

As the best Security services company , our mission is to provide the best Security services and every other service of ours. We daily strive hard to bring out the best of our services in the industry and we always want to be the best Security services agency in Noida and in the global market. Our main motive is to keep the properties, infrastructures, and our clients safe from any kind of threat and problem.



Our Core Vision

Our vision is to provide the best and most reliable Security services and to be the best Security services company /Security services agency in the global market. To achieve our aim in the market, we always provide the most trustable services and best security personal as per your requirements, all at an affordable cost, so that anyone can get our Security services to keep their infrastructure and environment safe.

Our Team

Meet our Leaders

Meet our Team leaders who work hard and smartly to provide best services to our clients, Their hard work mean a lot for our well known Valour Secure Service PVT LTD.


Be a Part of Our Team

We offer you grate opportunity to join us and develop your skills, we encourage our team members to get better opportunity.